Irabot Day Celebration 2014 (Oinam)

By Lukhendro Keisham Oinam, 30/09/14:   Regarded as one of the biggest campaign of its kind in Oinam the Irabot Celebration Committee (Oinam) conducted a mass sanitation programme from 27th to

By Lukhendro Keisham

Oinam, 30/09/14:



Regarded as one of the biggest campaign of its kind in Oinam the Irabot Celebration Committee (Oinam) conducted a mass sanitation programme from 27th to 30th of Sept., 2014 at Oinam. It was a sanitation campaign to create an awareness of the life and ideologies of Lamyanba Jananeta Hijam Irabot to the denizens of Oinam and the masses.

Around 200 volunteers from various leikais of Oinam participated the daily mass sanitation drive at various sites and leikais of Oinam. It includes cleaning of public properties like road sides, drains, govt. building campuses, crematorium, etc. The cleaning of road sides covered from Irom Leikai at Mamang Leikai to Keithel Leikai at Tiddim Road extend of Oinam.

On the 30th of Sept. a celebrational birth anniversary function in the name of Hijam Irabot was held at Oinam Mamang Leikai. The function was presided by Oinam Budhi Singh (Chairperson, Oinam Nagar Panchayat) who shared his happiness and support for the youth who took part in such a noble cause. Oinam Chandrahas Singh (senior citizen) was the chief guest and Yumnam Joykumar Singh (Project Director, NESRIP, P.W.D – Manipur) and Oinam Chaoba Singh (retired advocate) were the guest of honors. Oinam Chaoba spoke about the life and journey of Lamyanba Irabot to the attending crowds. Joykumar stated that the development of a society depends on the youth and request the people of Oinam to collectively come forward in unity and work together irrespective of a separate leikai or group. Apart from the presiding guest the function was attended by various leaders, youth, social workers and individuals of Oinam.

After the speeches a traditional local boat racing competition, Hiyang Tanaba was held at Oinam Turel (Oinam River). Categories of the competition includes Men’s & Women’s Group along with a Men’s Individual. The winners and participants were awarded with a very nominal cash prize just after the competition at the main stage at the open community hall of Ireima Laimang Laibung, Oinam Mamang Leikai.

Later an entertainment non-competitive dance session was conducted at the main stage. Fourteen dancers from Oinam and the surrounding areas participated the show. The main attraction of the day’s event was the musical concert by the most trending singing sensations of the state. During the concert a mass candle lighting ceremony also took place in which both sides of the road from Mayai Leikai’s Pukhri Mapal (Bammon Mamang) to Mamang Leikai till the venue of the event were lighted with paper lanterns. The four day observation and sanitation programme in memory of the most important reformer, Lamyanba Jananeta Hijam Irabot came to an end.

Apart from the four days campaign the Irabot Celebration Committee, Oinam extended the cleanliness drive on the 2nd Oct., birth anniversary day of Mahatma Gandhi (Father of Indian Nation). On this day the volunteers cleaned the campus of Ibudhou Tangleibung, the wholesome worship site of Oinam town.

The Irabot Celebration Committee, Oinam’s sanitation campaign of 2014 was not possible without the mention of the valuable donors, guests, participants, volunteers of Oinam Sports Association and most importantly the denizens of all the leikais and supporters who came out wholeheartedly. It was the effortless and priceless dedication and hard works by the youths of the organizing committee that made it all possible. Special grace to all who with no boundaries of day or night, wealthy or poor, came out honestly for such a noble cause.


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