Brew a healthy habit with CC Tea!

By Deepa Kh Summer or winter, nothing can beat the refreshing feel of a steaming hot cup of tea that goes perfect with a newspaper. For as long as we

By Deepa Kh

Summer or winter, nothing can beat the refreshing feel of a steaming hot cup of tea that goes perfect with a newspaper. For as long as we can remember, people have been drinking tea as it suits the taste of everyone.  Tea, for its versatility, is the second most widely consumed beverage after water. It can be consumed either hot or cold and has many health benefits associated with it.

I am not much of a tea aficionado or an experimenter, but I have often heard people saying that tea is a comforting and pleasant beverage. However, since the day a friend introduced CC Tea to me, I got so much used to it that I feel my morning is incomplete without it. And personally, I feel this tea is much healthier than the normal black tea or coffee as it is a beverage sans caffeine. The best part of getting addicted to this drink is that it does help in improving your health.

Researchers have opined that tea is a “wonder drink” as many remarkable healing properties have been found in it. Some are of the opinion that replacing water purposely with green tea may be even healthier. The high concentration of antioxidants present in green tea helps in fighting diseases and makes your immune system stronger.

CC Tea is not just a drink but a social enterprise that will contribute in building and promoting a healthier and better society.  It is commonly referred to as herbal tea because of its herbal infusion. Today, drinking herbal tea has become so popular that it is used as a culinary item and for medicinal purpose as well. This herbal drink is one such drink which is used for its flavour, benefit and other medicinal purposes. I have listed a few benefits of CC Tea below-

Benefits of CC Tea

– Relieves constipation

– Improves your digestion and has healing properties for stomach aches, gas, bowel spasms and diarrhoea

– The mild sedative helps in calming the nerves

– Helps in maintaining a healthy eyesight and beautiful skin

– Relieves menstrual problems and nausea

– Promotes perspiration and lower fever

– Helps in keeping your body cool during summer season

– The antioxidant contents help to get rid of toxins and excess body fats.

– Improves your liver function and lowers uric acid level.

– Helps in maintaining lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

– A popular ancient remedy for curing chest congestion, colds and coughs.

Those who are addicted to tea and coffee might have an absurd feeling about how the herbal tea would taste like. Some of you might even have very bad experiences and some might even complain about its taste. But trust me; you will never regret your decision to give up your caffeine intake for CC Tea. You would be smitten by the sweet aroma and its flavour.  Consumption of CC Tea will ultimately help you in overcoming your caffeine addiction. So why think twice when you can enjoy a hot cup of refreshing herbal tea and at the same time maintain a healthy lifestyle. So get set to “Brew a healthy habit with CC tea.” You have nothing to lose in giving a try!

( Deepa Kh is a Containt Writer based in Delhi. The view expressed in the write up is her own)

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