The Tura Times And Salantini Kurang Launched In Garo Hills

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Editor’s note: Seeing a lot of visitors to this page – probably looking for the websites of the “The Tura Times” and “The Tura Times”. I could not find any official websites but looks like there are some Facebook groups (linked below). If folks have links to the actual websites for these two newspapers, please let me know by email at contact AT or post a comment below.

The Tura Times


Salantini Kurang

Original news snippet below:

TURA, April 08 (MT): Two new daily newspapers, one in English and another in Garo language, were launched by the Meghalaya Chief Minister, Dr. Mukul Sangma at an impressive function to mark the occasion at the District Auditorium, Tura on Friday. The new English daily, ‘The Tura Times’ and its sister publication in Garo, ‘Salantini […]

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