Of tongue cleaner and angels Going unconscious was like being enveloped with nothingness, there were no pain, no thoughts and no ‘me’

Samarjit Kambam Am writing this article with an achy-breaky head. Maybe, I am writing this piece using the left side of the brain only, for my right side of my brain is heavy and numb, as if the right half of my head has been frozen. Just a few days back, I was on an […]

Inking 39 MoUs : Opening to investors

Time for locals to be prepared The record is impressive. Thirty nine MoUs signed between the State Government and different Central Government enterprises, companies, investors etc during the two day North East Development Summit and if at all Sangai Festival, 2017 will be remembered in the years to come, it will depend largely on the […]

Nov 30 deadline from the JCILPS. Why not only for the valley ?

Come December 1 and can Imphal and the valley districts of the State expect to see more sit-in-protests, school students coming out on the streets and being water cannoned by the cops, bon-fire in the middle of the road and long, long marches ? This question is important in the face of the fact that […]

Uphul Waiphul and Leikhom Leinang : Excuse of short working season

Not exactly a rap on the knuckles but the very fact that the Manipur Pollution Control Board has woken up to the hazards of dusts kicked up from roads should underline the pathetic condition of all the roads in the capital city of the State. At the moment it is about the dusts and herein […]

Of ST demand, ILP, peace talk : Take everyone along

ST status demand for the Meiteis, spearheaded by the Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee, Manipur. The voices of opposition against it, from the hills spearheaded by the All Tribal Students’ Union, Manipur (ATSUM) as well as those opposed to the demand from amongst the Meitei community led by the Protection and Preservation Committee, Manipur (PPCM), All […]

Agenda of Govt spelt out at DBC, Maram : Right venue, right place

Vision and sole objective of the State Government is to bring positive change and development in the State and to bridge the communication gap between various communities so as to bring emotional integration in the State. This was Chief Minister N Biren and the significance of this address lies in the fact that it was […]

Welcome to Southern Nagalim greeting : Turnout defeats agenda

Welcome to South Nagalim. Not just a greeting or a slogan, but pregnant with innuendoes particularly with the intention to insult and elicit a rebuke or an uproar. This is what can be read into the ‘Welcome to Southern Nagalim’ slogan, etched in black on the road near Japhou bazar during Chief Minister N Biren’s […]

Manipur : Ranked 5th in women safety : Just stereotyping ?

Making it to the news for the right reason. Not bad for a State like Manipur which has been making news across the country for all the wrong reasons. Fifth safest place for women in the country and this is clearly reflected in the fact that unlike other parts of the country, Manipur has nothing […]

Raging debate on ST status for Meiteis : Final say rests with Delhi

How will the inclusion of the Meiteis in the Scheduled Tribe list of the Constitution of India hurt the interest of the different communities, which are already included in the Scheduled Tribe list ? This question is important in the backdrop of the strong voice of opposition, first raised by the All Tribal Students’ Union, […]

NPF MLA present at all parties meet : No need to jump the gun

So one NPF MLA was indeed present at the all parties meet convened by the State Government a few days back to discuss the threat perception to the State in the light of the ongoing peace dialogue between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM). The meeting gains credence all that more so after […]

More than putting the vehicle into motion : Of traffic chaos and mad rush

Something needs to be done and fast at that. And a radical shift in the mentality of the people should form the biggest slice in the ‘something’ that needs to be done. One here is talking about the traffic chaos that one sees and experience daily on all the roads and streets of Imphal. Number […]

Moving beyond territorial integrity : No to separate administration

As a man who has been there, seen it all and experienced it, he must know what he was talking about. And as a man widely perceived to be a faithful Congman all these years, there is perhaps no other person better suited than to speak out on behalf of the party, especially when it […]

Be ‘brutally honest’ call from RN Ravi : Reaching out to all

Brutally honest. This is the call of RN Ravi, Interlocutor to the ongoing peace talk between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India and while this may be seen as a reference to the two parties involved in the dialogue as well as the people of Nagaland, in effect this may also mean the […]

Selective silence, selective noise: Why mum on defectors ?

Parliamentary Secretaries or rather the post of Parliamentary Secretary has now been propelled to the news thanks to the move initiated by the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee to disqualify the 12 MLAs who have been appointed as Parliamentary Secretaries in the BJP led coalition Government. Interesting this is, for while the State Congress has been […]

Include Meiteis in ST list demand : Interesting ongoing debate

The Centre is yet to be formally approached but the very fact that the State Government held a round of talk with the Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee on the latter’s proposal that the Meiteis be included in the ST list of the Constitution of India seems to be a good start. It is not the […]

Peace talks, shared sovereignty & integration of contiguous areas

Though it is still quite blurry, it appears that the political dialogue which has been going on between the Government of India and NSCN-IM has finally started taking a concrete shape. Other than NSCN-IM, six other Naga armed opposition groups attended the latest round of political dialogue held at Chumukedima, Nagaland and it was the […]

Ongoing dialogue nearing a solution : Need to raise a united voice

Will not allow distortion of Assam’s boundaries at any cost. This was Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, making the stand of his Government clear. Next round of talks between NNPGs and GoI today. This was about the scheduled meeting between the Government of India and the Working Committee of 6 Naga National Political Groups and […]

Sports : Year long activity in Manipur :: Nursery to tap talent

There must be many who first open the sports page when going through the day’s paper and surely there is a reason for this. In Manipur, the reason obviously will have to do with the fact that while the front page of almost all the daily newspapers tell stories of the day’s happenings, which are […]

Materialistic interpretation of Chakkouba Set up special market

Ningol Chakkouba. Everyone understands the innate beauty of such a day and all talk about it. At the same time everyone also talk how this beautiful day has been reduced to an exercise of flaunting one’s wealth and how it has literally become an occasion to ‘show off’ one’s wealth and how much presents one […]

Pearls of wisdom from Dalai Lama : Understanding essence of unity

The Dalai Lama came, saw and left pearls of wisdom for the people to digest. But as in things which are generally associated with all the holy, the pious and the good, the wisdom shared by the spiritual leader here will sooner be forgotten than imbibed. This is the sad reality here in Manipur, but […]