The good and some bad of Sangai Fest Need to reach out to more

The good and the bad of the Sangai Festival. Fortunately not much can be said about the ugly part of the festival this year. This much is true of the biggest State festival in Manipur and come 2018, Manipur will once again be hosting the same festival, which it has done so at the State […]

Board exams decoded

Albert Nameirakpam This article is for the people who want to still scored 80+ in CBSE boards but have not prepared anything till 6th of November. Introducing myself, I hate doing this but I have to do so because if people have to really follow my tips, they must first know me, so I am […]

Prospect of sustainable development in Jiribam and Pherzawl districts

Lalthangvung Songate Due to rapid depletion of our land resources and environment and slow replenishment of them, Sustainable Development is urgently needed to be taken in our rural development Schemes and for the mitigation of Global warming. By Sustainable Development we mean, Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of […]

Ignored realities: Downstream impacts of Mapithel dam

Jiten Yumnam Manipur of late, has seen several development processes targeting the land and natural resources of Manipur. Many of these development processes, both policies and specific projects are afflicted with larger social and environment challenges apart from longstanding and intergenerational impacts. In most situations, many of the impacts remain neglected or deliberately ignored. The […]

History will not forgive us

Heikrujam Nabashyam “Chahi Lishing Anigi Mamangdagi Meitei Phooroop Asi Nation Amagi Thakta Masagi Civilization leijaraba Amasung Chaokhatle Hairiba Jattisingdagi Tadraba Phooroop Amani Maram Asina Meiteising Indian Constitutiongi ST Listta Yaoba Haibasi Maram Sukcha Chade “ — the Meeteis have been living since the last 2000 years as a nation ; they are no less than […]

The heavenly designs of snowflakes

Dr Irengbam Mohendra Singh The whole world is a nuclear family. We are all built of atoms. Now we know where we came from and who we are. So are the snowflakes. Everything has an architecture, based on physical laws of nature. Creativity thrives in the strangest places as that of snowflakes, somewhere in Heaven. […]

The absurdity of the National Eligibility Test

Avijit Pathak I think I was lucky. When I was a university student, there was no National Eligibility Test (NET). Hence, I could afford to be like Dostoyevsky’s ‘ridiculous man’ – dreaming, imagining and wondering. I was not ‘precise’, ‘objective’ and ‘structured’. Instead, I cherished my epistemological anarchism. My professor once asked me to write […]

Elections make a mockery of democracy

Ashish Kothari Elections are a violation of democracy. Our once-in-five-years pilgrimage to the voting booth is a mockery of what democracy should actually mean. Aghast? Hold off for a bit on your judgement that I’m off my rocker, anti-national, or in any case not worth reading further. Hear me out. Democracy = demo (people) + […]

North East faces uphill cancer challenge

Jyoti Shelar Lifestyle-related risk factors are being cited, compounded by an inadequate number of treatment centres in the region. Lifestyle-related cancers top the chart in the northeast region which has an overall high incidence of cancer in India. Oesophageal cancer is the highest in men followed by cancers of the lung and stomach, says a […]

Beauty and Money for a purpose(A tweak for the purse is essential)

Lunsieh Kipgen, IPS Festivals being part and parcel of human life and civilizations cannot be expunged from the annual-occasional hassle-knotted activities and celebration menus irrespective of the staggering expenses involved with them in the present day money economy. Traditional and cultural related festivals assume more importance today with the attachment of community-centric identity to festivals. […]

Not just the Gateway

Dr I Yaipharemba Manipur will be the centre stage of the India’s ambitious Act East Policy (AEP) in the form of physical corridor. The Trans Asian Highway intended to run from Moreh -Tamu (Myanmar) to Mandalay in Myanmar beside many other projects. The Policy is going to help the Natural Economic Zone (NEZ) i.e. the […]

Autumn Festivals 2017- A Chauvinist’s Delight!

Sanatombi Angomcha Autumn finally packed up and left for the year with a mixed feeling. Winter barges in the seasonal gate and along arrives Mr. Yongchaak from Moreh ready to satiate the ‘yongchaak crazy’ appetite of Manipuris especially that of Imphalites. Amid potholes and leikhom leinaang, autumn festivals were held across/outside the state with great […]

Why are children still dying of vaccine-preventable Diphtheria?

Anup Agarwal and Yogesh Jain Eight weeks ago, Payal, a ten-year-old girl, came to the emergency room at Jan Swasthya Sahyog (JSS) or People’s Health Support Group in Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh with fever and neck pain. We diagnosed her with diphtheria and immediately provided her with the appropriate treatment, including antibiotics and anti-diphtheritic antiserum (ADS). […]

Football in India needs encouragement

Samarjit Kambam A nation with a population of a billion plus and football had been a lost soul in the sporting world of India for decades. The sport of football seemed non-existent in the country except in the North Eastern States and a few other states like Goa and Kerala. Out of the picture in […]

Facebook and the radical challenge to sexual harassment in academia

Nehmat Kaur If there’s a lesson the world has learnt this month, it’s that in matters of sexual assault and harassment, justice is elusive but company is everywhere. Too often women find their claims dismissed, and even the most liberal institutions favour powerful perpetrators over their victims. In the digital age, many think the quick […]

MODIS — The old firewatcher

Akham Bonbirdhwaja Singh The wildfires have been troubling the whole world from far east to down south, cold temperate forests of the North to tropical forests, dry African savannahs to rainforests all over the earth, there has been wildfires. Wildfires have claimed thousands of lives and billions worth property and resources. The wildfires have pumped […]

The traumatic experience of MPSC Asst Prof recruitment, 2014

Khelsoril Wanbe It is quite unfortunate that the recruitment process of Assistant Professors of government colleges advertised by MPSC in September, 2014 has been dragging on till today without being able to see the light of dawn as it got caught up in a yearlong court case. Although rays of hope of declaration of the […]

Stop motivating your children by murdering their dreams

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam Not starting with this yet expressed millions long ago, written thousands saying the same thing, “You are giving birth to an individual, not a continuation.” Let me be little tight on you parents today to loosen your children. This world is so busy and solidly humans consist the most of this busy trauma, […]

The concept of Real Vs Virtual World

Varun Kapoor A few years ago we all existed in one world – that world which may be called the “Real World” or the “Actual World”. A world in which we can see each other, feel, touch, interact, understand and perceive each other too. We have the ability to know how the person we are […]