STDCM demands to include Meitei/Meetei under ST Category

STDCM na Manipur gi Meitei/ Meetei meeyamga loinana yelhoumee Meitei/Meetei busu Indian Constitution gi Article 342(1) gi makhada yelhoumeesinggi list oiriba Scheduled Tribe ki list ta yaohallu amadi yelhoumee oibagi Constituional safeguard piyu haina State govt amadi Central govta taksinduna Lakli. Indefinite economic blockade amadi Assembly election nachingbana maram oiduna ehou asi matam khara tapthaduna […]

STDCM speaks out against content in book

IMPHAL, Sep 27: The Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee Manipur (STDCM) has strongly condemned the allegation made in a book released recently which said that the campaign for enlistment of Meitei in ST category is spearheaded by Manipuri compradors like retired army personnel. Speaking to mediapersons at Manipur Press Club here today, STDCM general secretary Col […]

ST status campaign continues unabated

IMPHAL, Sep 4: Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee, Manipur (STDCM) today organised a public meeting apart from staging a sit-in-protest at Lamlong Keithel today. STDCM former convenor Tayenjam Khogen while speaking at the meeting said that womenfolk must take active part in the ST demand just like the late mothers did in the first and second […]

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Constitutional safeguard needed : STDCM

IMPHAL, Sep 1: Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee (STDC) joint secretary M Bhogen has stated that enlisting Meetei/Meitei as ST is the only option to have a Constitutional safeguard of the community as the term ‘indigenous people’ is not defined in the Constitution of India.

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Denying Meitei ST status: feeding the ghost from the past

By Kh. Ibomcha Like any other commoner does, I, for a while, have been at my wit’s end otiosely trying to sort out reasons why some among us, rather those anti-tribal proponents, do not like to get Meiteis enlisted as ST under Indian constitution that could make both ‘ching’ and ‘tam’ stand on a par […]

Inter community marriage best way to unit Hills and Valley – Leivon Jimmy

As predicted by a tribal leader, if the Meitei wants to find out its root based on “Shalai Taret” (The seven clans of Manipuris) an internal conflict not only between the Meiteis and Tribal but amongst the Meiteis was imminent.

This could be indeed true as there are Brahmins and royal clan, who put themselves above all ethnic communities residing in the state. The Schedule Caste are also Meiteis, the question of who would be branded what itself is rather complex at this point of time when half of the Meitei are opposing it as predicted.

The first and foremost when we debate about the issue will ultimately lead to reservation issues.