A word of caution for the BJP led Govt Tinted with saffron ?

Rs 201 crore package for Ukhrul district. Rs 185 crore package for Kangpokpi district. Clearly Chief minister N Biren is trying to reach out to the hill districts and this is a welcome sign. Not that the previous Congress Government ignored the hill districts, but the manner in which the recently formed BJP led Government […]

Saying no to non-local appointment More than just an appointment

Not exactly a test but the BJP led Government cannot afford to sleep over the matter. If not tackled early and rightly, then it has all the potential to snowball into a major issue and no one, least of all the BJP led Government would want it. On the face, it may just be about […]

Peeking through the FA pact Onus on the NSCN (IM)

If what The Week has published is anything to go by then the NSCN (IM) will certainly have a task at hand to sell their ‘idea’ of a settlement to the Naga people. By all indications, the idea of sovereignty seems to have been dropped for good and while no one knows what the final […]

Yes sir, yes sir syndrome Addressing the crux

The yes sir, yes sir syndrome. In asking Government officials not to only nod ‘yes sir, yes sir,’ while interacting with their political bosses, Chief Minister N Biren is trying to send out the message that Government officials need to come out and convey what is in their mind to the political leaders. Anyone who […]

LTC & travellling settlement

Free Thinker My daughter asked me whether the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister can avail LTC (Leave Travelling Concession). I said, “most probably they can, they are also government employees”. She further asked whether they actually claim. I told her, “not sure whether they claim or not, but years ago I read in the […]

Bat for more people to people contact Time for all to reach out

More people to people contact. This is the call of the hour. Now with the BJP led Government reaching out to the hills and which has been reciprocated well, it is only right that different civil society organisations and the student bodies based in the valley and the hills too try and reach out to […]

Expectations from the BJP led Govt Need to keep focus straight

No longer ‘communal Government of Manipur’. Economic blockade imposed by the United Naga Council lifted. Naga People’s Front a part of the BJP led Government. Red carpet rolled out for the Chief Minister and his council of Ministers during the high profile visit to Ukhrul district headquarters on April 11. State level Shirui Lily festival […]

Addressing VIP culture on the roads No to beacon lights

In ordering that red beacon lights should be removed from the vehicles of dignitaries and Government officials with effect from May 1, the Narendra Modi Government is addressing the VIP culture on the roads of India. Save for those on emergency service such as fire service, police, army and ambulances, the Union Cabinet is effectively […]

Beginning of the end of Cong ? Ahead of LS polls

Is this the beginning of the end of the Congress in Manipur ? This question is relevant in the backdrop of the fact that of the 28 MLAs elected in the just held Assembly election, two have already deserted the Congress and switched sides to the BJP. A tragedy it is that such a question […]

Battle of Khongjom Two dates for one battle!

The ambiguity or rather obscurity surrounding the exact date on which the Battle of Khongjom was fought is a matter of shame for the entire Manipuri nation who often boast of having chronicled the history of the land for over 2000 years. No doubt, the Battle of Khongjom was fought in the month of April […]

Challenges of heading a coalition Govt Resignation drama or crisis

This is the downside of heading a coalition Government. Not exactly a crisis, but this may be the first rumble to the BJP led coalition Government and while there has been no official announcement on why he tendered his resignation from the Council of Ministers, the decision of Health and Family Welfare Minister L Jayantakumar […]

Some points for the CM to digest Learn from the past follies

Reaching out to the Nagas. Maybe this is due to political compulsion in the face of the fact that the BJP needs to rely on the support of the four NPF MLAs to remain in power, or more importantly it could be due to some hard lessons learnt from the previous Congress Government. Whatever the […]

Reaching out to the hill people The Ukhrul package

Economic package of Rs 201 crore for Ukrhul district. Five days State level Siroi Lily festival from May 5. Immediate repair of roads at Ukhrul town. Setting aside 10th of every month to meet hill based NGOs, CSOs, village chiefs etc. Clearly Chief Minister N Biren is stretching his hands out to reach to the […]

No re-examination stand of COHSEM Refill the glass

At least 20 suspects pulled up so far in connection with the Physics question paper leak scam of the Class XII board examinations conducted by the Council of Higher Secondary Examination, Manipur (COHSEM). Efficiency written all over the fast crackdown on the question paper leakage scam and this is encouraging. However it should be very […]

Setting aside a day for the public Meeyamgi Numit

Meeyamgi Numit. People’s Day. Perhaps this is the first time that the State Government has decided to keep aside a day for the public to interact with the leaders and officers of the Government and this is something refreshing. As announced by Chief Minister N Biren during the reception programme hosted by the women vendors […]

Question leak in Class XII exam May just be the symptom

This may just be the symptom. But this should not be any reason to go slack over the matter. After it has been established that the Class XII Physics question paper was leaked, the whip was cracked and 16 persons including 12 juveniles have been pulled up but this should be seen as just the […]

First real test of BJP led Govt Studying stand of ANSAM

This is perhaps the first real test of the BJP led Government. In asserting that they are against any attempt to militarise tribal areas in the State, the All Naga Students’s Association is delivering a damning statement on how the State security personnel, particularly the police commandos, have earned notoriety of being a trigger happy […]

Honeymoon period is over Where 5 years down the line

Sworn in on March 15 and clearly the honeymoon period should be over for the BJP led Government. Now is the time to get down to the business of governing the State. Nearly a month old now and the BJP led Government will obviously have to deal with the trail of destruction left by the […]

From the frying pan into the fire Appointment flaws at RIMS

Comes close to a case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Even as an uproar was raised against the failure to appoint a Director of RIMS after its Director-in-charge retired on February 28, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare went ahead and appointed an IAS officer, RK Dinesh, in this […]

Acknowledging the stand of NTC Not blindly accepting FA

How successfully has the NSCN (IM) been in taking the people of Nagaland along with their agenda ? This question may seem odd, even hollow in the face of the fact that ever since the NSCN came into being in 1980 and split into the Khaplang faction and Isak-Muivah faction in 1988, the outfit seems […]