Pearls of wisdom from Dalai Lama : Understanding essence of unity

The Dalai Lama came, saw and left pearls of wisdom for the people to digest. But as in things which are generally associated with all the holy, the pious and the good, the wisdom shared by the spiritual leader here will sooner be forgotten than imbibed. This is the sad reality here in Manipur, but […]

The incredible and mysterious journey of Amur Falcon

RK Birjit Singh Amur Falcon (Falco amurensis) is a small bird of prey, a long distance, trans–equatorial migrant and one of the least known bird species among falconiformes till recently but well known to the people of Manipur, particularly to the Rongmei tribes in Tamenglong district since time immemorial. The bird species is locally known […]

No Aadhaar, No Mid-day Meal stand : Updating one’s identity

Aadhaar card may not be proof of citizenship but this has not stopped the Government from making it mandatory for the people to link their Aadhaar number with all important documents such as their bank account, their mobile telephone number, their PAN card, etc. Now the Government has mandated that any student who fails to […]

Eleven LPG refills in 4 months ! Something is fishy

Something is fishy here. Very fishy, if one may add. If you have an Aadhaar card and link it with your consumer number at the local Gas agency, chances are you would have received only one or two LPG refills in the current financial year. On the other hand if you do not have Aadhaar […]

Don’t sleep with minor wife ruling : Nailing rapists !

Sex with under-18 wife is rape. 62 year old man convicted to 12 years RI with fine for raping minor girl of 12 back in 2015. One is the Supreme Court of India coming down hard on ‘child marriage’ that is rampant across the country and the other is the POCSO Court sentencing an elderly […]

Of Leikhom Leinang and Uphul Waiphul : Rickety ride on NH-2

When it rains it is all Leikhom Leinang and when it does not it is all Uphul Waiphul. And nothing illustrates the truism of this phrase than the two pictures which accompanied the lead story of The Sangai Express under the caption ‘Dust and crater like potholes : Welcome to NH-2’ in the October 12 […]

Need to study LPG diversion : Non-locals in subscribers list

There are just too many loose ends to be swept under the carpet with some excuses or ‘explanations.’ The non-local names that one finds in the list of Tousem Indane Gramin Vitrak, an LPG distributor based at Tousem, may be explained on the ground that these people stay at Tousem on a temporary basis and […]

Out but certainly not down :: Needed : A strong Cong

Granted the Congress is out of power. This is however not to say that it is now down as a political power. This is a point which should not blow over the head of all those Congress wallahs who have had their share of glory when the party was in power for 15 years on […]

Inferred or in black and white ? Integrity Vs integration

Framework Agreement recognises integration of Naga territories. This was Rh Raising, Convenor of the Steering Committee of the NSCN (IM) during the Joint Council Meeting on Indian and Burmese Colonialism held at Camp Hebron on October 6. On the other hand Chief Minister of Manipur, N Biren Singh minced no word in stating that while […]

From Nobap to World Cup : The Magnificent Eight

India lost, but as regular columnist of The Sangai Express Free Thinker put it in his Sunday write up under the caption, Poking Nose Without Malice, US won, but we were lauded more. And why not. This is the first time that as many as 8 boys from Manipur have made it together to represent […]

Seeking two years time : Too early to judge

Give us two years time. This was the State unit chief of the BJP, who is also the Rajya Sabha MP, K Bhabananda and the natural question that follows is, is this a climb down from the ‘We will do in 15 months what the Congress could not in 15 years,’ announcement delivered by Prime […]

ATSUM against ST demand for Meiteis : Let the experts decide

This is not taking a stand on the question of whether the Meiteis should be included in the Scheduled Tribe list of the Constitution of India or not. However it remains that demanding ST status for the Meiteis should not be interpreted along the line of Meiteis intruding on the rights and privileges of the […]

VIPsm on the roads of Imphal : Not the heirloom of anyone

This is not a campaign along the line of WANTED : Cooking Gas, Not Laughing Gas or the dilapidated, potholed roads that dot the main roads in Imphal, but nevertheless this should serve as a wake up call to the Government and the people. The lead story carried by The Sangai Express under the heading, […]

Promoting night life in Imphal Night Plaza : The first step

The question is just how far will Night Plaza or Imphal Evening go in promoting night life in Imphal. Or is the Night Plaza a political statement delivered by the BJP led Government that the law and order situation has improved to such an extent that people now can come out for an evening with […]

Feeling the heat from the UNC : Next round of talk

The BJP led Government must be feeling the heat. And it stands that the United Naga Council knows the exact spot to apply the pressure. Deadline is obviously one spot the UNC knows how and when to serve and it is along this line that Works Minister Th Biswajit took pains to negate any possibility […]

Cracking down on LPG hoarders : Now go for the big fishes

It is obvious. The drive launched by the State police against LPG hoarders and seizing 686 LPG cylinders in the last two days perfectly complements the campaign launched by The Sangai Express under the caption, “WANTED: Cooking Gas, Not Laughing Gas”. This is what gives us a certain sense of satisfaction, after all as a […]

Night football tourney at Kangpokpi : Promoting the ‘beautiful game’

The novelty of it all is beautiful. So also the setting up of an academy to promote football, ‘the beautiful game’ to borrow a phrase from the King of the game, Pele. The efforts need to be noted and lauded. Coming close on the heels of 8 players from Manipur making the cut to represent […]

Heed the words of Thangmeiband MLA : To make Night Plaza meaningful

The BJP led Government needs to take the view point put forth by Congress MLA Kh Joykisan with the seriousness it deserves. This is not to say that the Government should not go ahead with the planned Night Plaza from October 2, but the inputs or rather critique from the Thangmeiband AC MLA deserves attention. […]

How many visitors at Sangai Fest ? Home stay facility

First Sangai Festival under the BJP led coalition Government and not surprisingly Chief Minister N Biren seems intent on giving a new stamp on the festival which is scheduled to be held from November 21. Difficult to say if the new measures will make the festival more meaningful but it is significant to note that […]

Imphal choc-a-bloc with IVRs : Death traps everywhere

IVR or Inter-Village Road. Imphal is choc-a-bloc with them. For two days, The Sangai Express has been publishing news on the death traps that lie plum in the middle of the road in Imphal, not in some far flung village or the hills. And the campaign will continue. The BJP led Government may have come […]