The media draws the line : You can’t fool the people all the time

The question we need to ask the government is how committed is the new government and its council of ministers ? How different will the BJP –led coalition government be than the last one ? For example, let us take the forest minister Th Shyamkumar trying to curb timber smuggling. Shyamkumar usually takes a media […]

A relook at modernity

The connotations of the word “modern” are many and much beyond the simple and straight dictionary (Oxford Concise) meaning that defines it as “of the present and recent times”. In painting and architecture, the word can become a technical classification of styles and thoughts, in literature, philosophy, sociology and history it can carry myriad and […]

Parasitic economy woes

The Comptroller and Auditor General, CAG, report for Manipur this year was damning to say the least. Among many others, it charged several departments of the Manipur government of not furnishing utilization certificates for the funds earmarked for them during the financial year 2016-2017. The total figure exceeds a whooping Rs. 5000 crores, which is […]

Respect the mandate

On the morrow of the election to the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly and the razor edge hung verdict the electors’ verdict, it is difficult not to be reminded of what German philosopher Karl Popper said what the most important virtue of a liberal democracy is. Democracy is not perfect and cannot be so be it […]

UNC and a Sisyphean task, please take a break

It is known that the United Naga Council will not retract their stance and the economic blockade must go on. Many were keeping their fingers crossed that the tripartite talk on February 3rd would have some solution and the economic blockade enforced since November 1 would be called off in the larger interest. However, that speculation did not […]

Dance of democracy

Many have said that Indian elections are a festival of democracy. India describes itself as the world’s largest functional democracy. When a newly independent India made universal adult suffrage the basis of elections not all were convinced of its capability to implement it. However, the successful manner in which the very first elections were conducted […]

How morals of tales shift

Understandably, many postcolonial nations are uneasy, if not apprehensive of the idea of federalism. Nonetheless, it is also a fact that given the diversity of their demography and geography, when they freed themselves from the yoke of colonialism, they were left with little choice than to embrace much of the governance model of the colonies […]

Beating the blockade

The United Naga Council’s blockade along Manipur’s lifelines will not end. Whatever the cause of the disagreement among those negotiating a truce, this is unfortunate. There are certain things simply not done even in war, but Manipur, it seems has no qualms resorting to them at the whims of our hate mongering street politicians. But […]

Destroyed by corruption

If only the ways of the government were above board, questions such as moral legitimacy of governance would not have been so very complicated or controversial. Had the officialdom kept to the limits of laid-down norms and propriety, the condemnation of misdeeds big and small, and their perpetrators could and would have been an unqualified. […]

Corruption no issue

Corruption has become an obsessive concern of the public in Manipur today. Though there has been no formal opinion poll, it is anybody’s guess all such polls, formal and informal, would be unanimous on this. No newspaper has not written about how corrosive corruption has been, the local tea house talks, social media chatters and […]

Career and Beyond

Every profession has its moral codes, some written but most of the time unwritten. Journalism is no exception and indeed this is a question which has continued to haunt the profession since its inception. This is particularly so because journalism’s best practices also are determined by a notion of objectivity that would have the journalist […]