MEEYAMGI NUMIT (People’s Day) : A Reflection & Conception of Good Governance in Manipur

By  SERAM NEKEN Chingmee Eikhoibu Nungsibiba, Minungshi Leiba Minister Ni Nahakti; Ching Gi Zilla Khudingda, Chaokhat Thourang Pirakpa; Ching Gi Lamdam Khudingda, Senpham Mayam Thadhabiba; Nang Nattana  Kanasu Ukhidri, Nang Nattana  Kanasu Chongthoraktri; Chingmee Eikhoibu Nungsiba, Minungshi Leiba Minister Ni Nahakti – //   Soinaiba Sing Nungsibiba, Minister Ni Nahakti; Hinghoubasing Thoujalbiba, Minister Ni Nahakti; […]

Conflict: A pre-requisite to change or a stumbling block to development?

By RK Rajeebsana The biggest of change, the world had ever seen, there was always an element of conflict. Every form of change that a society experience in human history, either in slow pace or a sudden change, there was always an element of contradiction. Conflict is a term, perhaps every rational and humanitarian loving […]

Art and Artist, a creative space

By Moirangthem Monali Manipur, a tiny state in the north-east region of India is well known to the world for its rich cultural heritage in the field of art and culture and sports. Every year Manipur celebrates the Sangai Festival –the biggest festival in the state which is held from 21st till 30th of November. And […]

You, me and the responsibility of protecting the environment

Dr Maibam Dhanaraj Meitei Today, the environment we are living with is not how it used to be few hundred years back. Man advanced in various fields, leading to a more prosperous civilization which is better than the previous one. From a cave dweller to a gatherer or to a farmer, we have evolved in […]

Recycling of hospital waste-water for pollution free environment and sustainable development

By Dr N Irabanta Singh & Yashwant Kumar Pandey Introduction: As the pollution of the world has increased day by day, sources of clean Water resources have also decreased rapidly. As such we need to maintain our limited water resources by recycling available waste water in all possible way even from the hospitals. The disposal […]

Prof Gangmumei Kamei: The legendary hero lives on

By Mathiupuang Gonmei One year has almost passed by when the legendary Prof. Gangmumei Kamei breathe his last but his legacy continues to live on. Even though he might have been gone physically his works and vision continue to be very much alive. Prof. Gangmumei Never Dies. He continues to inspire the livings today and […]

Use Swachhata App to Make Imphal No. 1 For Swachh Survekshan 2018

By : Sanjoo Thangjam Mahatma Gandhi said, “ The lethargy of government has for too long allowed us to be inured to unhygienic spaces outside our immediate homes, although every Indian must accept the blame for his own slovenliness in public spaces. The garbage bag, the dumpster trucks and landfills can be better monitored to […]

Enlivening a Fading Culture: A Dayak Experience in Borneo

By Jiten Yumnam In a July end afternoon of 2017 at Linga Ambawang village along the Samak River in West Kalimantan in Indonesian side of Borneo Island, around one hundred Dayak children and youths conglomerate inside the traditional school, built similarly to Dayak’s long house, to learn indigenous traditional knowledge from their elders. The Dayak […]

Reality checks vital to avoid dark irony of Kafka’s Castle

By Pradip Phanjoubam Practically every university in India today has a full-fledged School of Journalism faculty, or variously named as Mass Communication Department, Media Study Department etc. The objective is self evident from the names these departments. Mass media is acknowledged universally important, and indeed, it has been termed as the fourth estate of democracy, […]

Chakaan Gaan-Ngai : The Living Ritual Festival of Zeliangrong

By Chaoba Kamson The Zeliangrong people called this festival by different names Zeme as Hegangi, Liangmei as Chagangi and Rongmei as Gaan-Ngai. Chakaan in Rongmei dialect means name of season. Chakaan season is the harbinger of Gaan-Ngai fesival. Gaan means winter and Ngai means festival. The Gaan-Ngai festival is also described as a New Year […]

Naga truce anxieties

By Pradip Phanjoubam Worries about the Framework Agreement, FA, signed in August 2015 between the Government of India representatives and the NSCN(IM), is once again at its periodic crest in states that neighbour Nagaland – Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. The matter has acquired a sense of urgency given the fact the Nagaland Assembly elections […]

Fallacies Of 66 MW Loktak Downstream Hep Project In Manipur

By: Jiten Yumnam The Rivers meandering through the forest and the lush green terrains are one of outstanding natural heritages of Manipur aggressively targeted for power generation by multinational corporations. The National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) and the North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO), two of India’s leading dam building Company has aggressively been involved […]

Behiang to be developed as state’s second gateway to ASEAN: CM

IMPHAL | Dec 19 : Speaking at the Zou Gal Centenary Commemoration, 2017 function held at Behiang village in Churachandpur district today, Chief minister, N. Biren Singh stated that Churachandpur – Behiang road via Singhat will be developed as the second corridor of the State to South East Asian Nations in the light of implementation […]

How Did Buddhism Spread To Japan

I am a human being and I am not perfect. So, please kindly read the message and not the messenger By Sanjoo Thangjam In India several hundred years after the time of the Buddha, Buddhism developed a rich tradition of visual imagery for depicting sacred beings. Based on descriptions recorded in the scriptures, Buddhas are […]

First Mover, Policy Framing and Theoretical Empirics of Trade: It is much more than Literacy

By Amar Yumnam When the Classical period of the grand thinking of the Adam Smith and his followers was over, and particularly after the high rise of the post-Classicals, grand theories became dominant rather than grand thinking. Rising inequality and financial crises in recent years have made the world return to the period of grand […]

Framework Agreement: Alternative and Needs

By Jinine Lai The deal is difficult, the stake is high. And fixed ideas and preoccupied propositions of the stakeholders especially the Meeteis and Nagas don’t help either. Why do they fail to find a new alternative mutually? Is New Delhi happy to make it catch-22 situation – pulling others in a bargaining trap? If […]

The Dalai Lama was a big meat eater like most Tibetan Buddhists but later on He became a vegetarian

By Sanjoo Thangjam According to the Buddha’s principle, a Buddhist monk or nun have to accept a gift of food if it is offered to them, whether it has meat in it or not. The monks can refuse it if they know that the creature was killed especially for them or will be killed for […]

New Residential Design in the Foothills of Manipur

By JN Lai The woe of the recent floods in Manipur triggered me an idea of possible alternative to avoid the recurring worries in future. As we know, there are multifold factors and causes of such frequent water worries in Manipur. They are unattended deforestation in the catchments, anarchical drainage system, chaotic residential occupation, mindless […]

Armed Conflict, Militarization & Implications in Manipur

By: Jiten Yumnam In November 2017, Nagaland and Manipur, two states in India’s North East with ongoing indigenous peoples’ Self Determination movement witnessed the extension of Disturbed Area, a precondition for promulgation of the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act, AFSPA, 1958 (AFSPA, 1958), permitting the suspension of non derogable rights, like the ‘Right to […]