Mapithel dam controversy : Forest perspectives

Jajo Themson Introduction : Almost all the development interventions especially mega projects interweave dimensional devastation of forest and its resources. There is intrinsic relationship between Forest and indigenous people in terms of social & cultural and economic that sustains their survival throughout different stages of their life. Nature produces the grass we use to feed […]

A selfie a day without editor keeps the fear away

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam It’s indeed the ultimate truth for if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. When someone makes their bed as soon as they wake up, they feel a little pride in them for completing a task which gives them the excitement to follow the next. Try completing small […]

Skin care tips for men

Shahnaz Husain The men’s skin is   little oilier and  thicker than women’s is the key difference between opposite sex . The main  differences between men and women’s skin include texture, hydration and collagen density . The men’s skincare products are manufactured differently as compared to any women’s products   but the basic element of […]

Dangers of ‘Trial by Media’ & the MPSC

Arshad Shah When the Boston Bombing incident took place in 2014, users of Reddit (a social media platform) took it upon themselves to find the perpetrators. A suspect was singled out and a massive head-hunt was launched to harass this person and his family. The users congratulated each other, but it was soon realized that […]

The martyr, Haipou Jadonang Marangmei – Part 2

Dr Heera Marangmei (From previous issue) The imprisonment did not cow-down, instead he gained more mileage in his freedom movement. He ordered to procure more fire arms from the plains of Cachar. He engaged some blacksmiths to manufacture traditional fire arms and weapons. All the freedom movements and activities were kept a strict secret. Jinlakpou […]

A musical revolution asking ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone?’

Jyaneswar Laishram A vast green moor at the foothill of Kounu Chingsang topping a blanket of fluffy cottony summer clouds at Maning Sabal Lampak of Khukhrul Makha Leikai in Sekmai was where the stage of ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone?’ stood. Such a tranquil open air venue full of green virgin grass, chosen for […]

The martyr, Haipou Jadonang Marangmei

Dr Heera Marangmei Some of the historians, writers have emphasised incomplete name of Jadonang. It is a misnomer. Jadonang was born in Marangmei clan of Kabui (Rongmei).It is more appropriate to mention surname. It is a Kabui (Rongmei) customary to provide surname after his or her name whatsoever personality he or she possesses. To cite […]

Loktak Project & corporate unaccountability in Manipur

Jiten Yumnam Of the most ambitious and controversial mega projects in Manipur, the 105 MW Loktak Multipurpose Hydroelectric Project (Loktak Project) hit news headlines in early August 2017, again for wrong reasons. Several media establishments published the non-existence of memorandum of understanding or agreement (MoU) on Loktak Project between the Government of Manipur and the […]

Sport university : Promises kept but corruption?

Free Thinker This is great news for all of us to know the fact that the National Sports University Bill has been introduced in Parliament on 10th August 2017; though inadvertently it was reported that the Bill was introduced during Zero Hour in Lok Sabha. Please remember that government Bills cannot be introduced in Zero […]

Cirrhosis : Basics and laboratory diagnosis

Dr David Howdijam MD Cirrhosis is severe scarring of the liver caused by chronic liver disease. As healthy liver tissue is damaged over a long period of time, it is replaced by scar tissue, affecting the structure of the liver and decreasing its ability to function. Cirrhosis is seen with a variety of chronic liver […]

Is a Culture of insensible activism taking root?

It’s been for some time that Manipur has been caught up in cycles of unrest. Various social and political issues have prompted different forms of protests time after time. Many such social movements are indeed worthy of the name and the labour involved and need all the support that can be garnered. However, one has […]

Traffic jam and 13th August

SS Yengkokpam Like every year, the people of Manipur will be celebrating the Patriot’s day on the 13th of August. It is supposed to be a day to remember and rejoice the bravery of our forefathers. Young and old alike will take part in the celebration but in the last few years this particular day […]

Leave nature alone

Gonmei Meithuanlungpou Sebastian (An extract from my forthcoming book “Beautiful Manipur Hills”) Over all the things created by God, man, i.e., the image of God is given dominion; to rule, use, care, enjoy, respect and be grateful for the goodness, wisdom and power of the Creator. However, God does not authorise man to destroy His […]

Will PM Modi betray Assam in ‘No ST, no rest’ or let Assam burn?

Ningombam Bupenda Meitei In the recent Assam strike over ST (Scheduled Tribe) status, called by the state’s six communities [Koch Rajbongshi, Moran, Matak, Tai Ahom, Chutia and Adivasi (Tea Tribes)] of Assam, demanding Scheduled Tribe status for them, there was a slogan of “No ST, no rest”. Supporting the protest, the president of the Tinsukia […]

Marijuana, Mahadev and Maneka

Free Thinker A few days back the Union minister of Women and Child Development, Manekaji suggested legalization of Ganja (marijuana) for medical purposes. She made her suggestion in a meeting of a group of ministers (GOM) on drugs demand reduction policy. The GOM was chaired by Rajnathji Union Home minister (wishing him a quick recuperation […]

Another plea against Irom Sharmila

KODAIKANAL, AUGUST 04, 2017 00:00 IST UPDATED: AUGUST 04, 2017 04:57 IST Hindu outfit says Kodaikanal’s peace would be hit Another petition was filed with the sub-registrar office here on Thursday against Manipuri civil rights activist Irom Sharmila’s marriage proposal. The Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) handed over a petition demanding denial of permission for her […]

CM’s referring of Meitei ST demand to ST Commission is ultra vires

Ningombam Bupenda Meitei This writing of mine, which could also be perceived as a personal opinion, is indeed a matter of public importance. It is to present a constitutional argument on the basis of the statement made by the incumbent Chief Minister of Manipur in the ongoing Manipur Legislative Assembly’s session. The statement of the […]

Libraries vs Google : Are we really heading there ?

Priyashree Sharma Ph According to an article published in the newspaper daily “Naharol Gi Thoudang” paginated 03 and dated 27th July 2017, Education Minister Th Radheshyam Singh practically obliterated the importance of libraries in the schools and colleges of Manipur when he opined that libraries could be replaced by google as it provides all the […]