Uphul Waiphul and Leikhom Leinang : Excuse of short working season

Not exactly a rap on the knuckles but the very fact that the Manipur Pollution Control Board has woken up to the hazards of dusts kicked up from roads should underline the pathetic condition of all the roads in the capital city of the State. At the moment it is about the dusts and herein […]

Of Leikhom Leinang and Uphul Waiphul : Rickety ride on NH-2

When it rains it is all Leikhom Leinang and when it does not it is all Uphul Waiphul. And nothing illustrates the truism of this phrase than the two pictures which accompanied the lead story of The Sangai Express under the caption ‘Dust and crater like potholes : Welcome to NH-2’ in the October 12 […]