Nagaland: Will give chance to Gen Next in 2018: NPF

President of the Naga People’s Front and former Chief Minister of Nagaland Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu said the NPF shall opt for younger generation as party candidates in the coming General elections and was emphatic that habitual defectors would be weeded out. Addressing a crucial meeting of the Central Executive Council, the highest decision-making body of […]

Nagaland: TR Zeliang welcomes initiatives of NPF Minority Wing and NPF Central Women Wing

Chief Minister, TR Zeliang today welcomed the initiative of NPF Minority Wing and NPF Central Women Wing in extending their full support to the present Government under the leadership of TR Zeliang and the NPF Party under the leadership of Neiphiu Rio. NPF Minority Wing comprising of 25 NPF representatives was led by Mohendro Thaosen, […]

Nagaland: Supremacy Of The Party

After the 91st Amendment of the 10th Schedule of the Constitution of India in 2003 where merger of Political Parties with the support of 2/3 elected members is allowed so as not to affect disqualification of elected members, the State of Nagaland also has had its due share of history. With the coming of the […]

Nagaland: Dr Shurhozelie speaks out

NPF President and Former Chief Minister, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu on Monday categorically termed the present crisis between the Naga People’s Front party and the expelled and suspended NPF MLAs as “just mere challenge to all party leaders and workers to test their integrity and principles towards the party.” Addressing the Central Office Bearers here at […]

Nagaland: NPF Youth serve Ultimatum to Rio

ULTIMATUM Whereas, it has come to our notice that an office said to be NPF office has been inaugurated at Hotel Legacy, Bayavu Hill, Kohima, which was unauthorized and illegal, by so-called Interim President Neiphiu Rio on August 10, 2017 which falls under the jurisdiction of 10 Northern Angami I Assembly Constituency; And whereas, NPF […]

NLA Speaker has molested the Tenth Schedule

The general understanding is that the motive behind the 91st Amendment of the Constitution is to give power and authority to political parties to rein in activities of political gigolos. But the authority vested with the political parties as envisaged in the Tenth Schedule has been molested and ravished by the Speaker of Nagaland Legislative […]

Nagaland: Oops! They’ve Done It Again!

It’s Deja Vu all over again, a replay of what we’d been through in the early part of 2015 when majority of the NPF legislators ganged up to oust Chief Minister TR Zeliang and NPF President Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu from their seats. The dissidents then too, had their own President, Chief Ministerial candidate replete with […]

Nagaland: Resolutions of NPF Legislature Party Meeting

MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE NPF LEGISLATURE PARTY HELD ON 29.7.2017 1. A meeting of the Legislature Party of NPF was held at 1100 hours on 29.7.2017 at State Banquet Hall, CM’s residence, Kohima. 2. The meeting took stock of the political situation in the State since Shri T.R. Zeliang, the Leader of the […]

NPF snapping ties with the BJP : Likely political repercussions

TR Zeliang makes a come back as the Chief Minister of Nagaland. Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu shown the door. TR Zeliang reportedly expelled from the NPF soon after taking oath as the Chief Minister of Nagaland and certainly the political situation seems to be fluid. Adding to the drama is the decision or rather the announcement […]

Emergency Meeting of Naga People’s Front held

An emergency meeting of the Central Office Bearers of the Naga People’s Front was held at the Chief Minister’s Banquet Hall, Kohima, this afternoon at 2 pm and adopted the following resolutions: Appeal to the Party President to grant amnesty to those legislators led astray by few vested interests who are presently camped at a Resort in […]

Nagaland political crisis deepens, CM sacks four Ministers

Kohima, July 09 2017: The crisis within Nagaland’s Naga People’s Front (NPF) Government has further deepened with Chief Minister Shurhozelie Liezietsu on Sunday sacking four top Ministers and 10 Parliamentary Secretaries following a demand for his removal. Liezietsu recommended Governor PB Acharya to remove Home Minister Yanthungo Patton, Power Minister Kipili Sangtam, National Highway and […]

Nagalang: Issue within the NPF party will be resolved at the earliest – Dr Shurhozelie Liesietsu

I am deeply pained by the recent disturbing developments affecting the normal functioning of the Government. The NPF led DAN Government will complete its full term and I appeal to the people of the State to remain calm. The normal government functioning should be smooth and the benefits of the Government Programmes at the Grassroot […]

Nagaland: Congress leadership ate own vomit: NPF

The Congress party is hell bend for leather to show the discerning public its fantastic ignorance of the Indian parliamentary norms and procedure by calling the present Chief Minister as “unmandated” when the 60-member House has endorsed his leadership. The Constitution provides that an unelected member can head the House/ Parliament provided he/ she gets […]

NPCC Statement, a political nonsense : NPF

The Naga People’s Front wonders as to what the president of NPCC, K Therie is trying to prove by continuously attacking the NPF president Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu who is also the Chief Minister of Nagaland. The NPCC and its president has no moral right to grumble or question the decision of the NPF to maintain […]

NPCC Statement, a political nonsense : NPF

The Naga People’s Front wonders as to what the president of NPCC, K Therie is trying to prove by continuously attacking the NPF president Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu who is also the Chief Minister of Nagaland. The NPCC and its president has no moral right to grumble or question the decision of the NPF to maintain […]

I too want to visit Nagaland soon by road: Biren Singh

N Biren Singh, who became Manipur’s first BJP CM, speaks to Oinam Sunil on the steps taken by him to improve the ties between his state and Nagaland. On his role in improving Manipur-Nagaland ties No state can ever think of changing its neighbours. We need to love and respect each other. I appreciate Shurhozelie’s […]

More than a ‘courtesy call’ Capitalise on the initiative

It is up to Chief Minister of Manipur N Biren Singh and his Nagaland counterpart Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu to make their first meeting at Imphal on May 9 more than a ‘courtesy call.’ The call is also in line with the fact that the NPF, which is heading the Government in Nagaland is a partner […]

Some points for the CM to digest Learn from the past follies

Reaching out to the Nagas. Maybe this is due to political compulsion in the face of the fact that the BJP needs to rely on the support of the four NPF MLAs to remain in power, or more importantly it could be due to some hard lessons learnt from the previous Congress Government. Whatever the […]

Acknowledging the stand of NTC Not blindly accepting FA

How successfully has the NSCN (IM) been in taking the people of Nagaland along with their agenda ? This question may seem odd, even hollow in the face of the fact that ever since the NSCN came into being in 1980 and split into the Khaplang faction and Isak-Muivah faction in 1988, the outfit seems […]

Economic blockade free State Tap the advantages

Economic blockade free State. Chief Minister N Biren must have said this with a degree of confidence while addressing the Digi-Dhan Mela at City Convention Centre on April 2. It was a Digi-Dhan Mela and while the Chief Minister did talk about other things which were directly related to the Digi-Dhan mela such as opening […]