Microscopic communities at the crossroads

Mr. Oken’s reflection. recently on the occasion of KYKL raising day celebration, on the metaphysics of Indian system and currently growing political scenario is quite insightful, pragmatic, scholarly, and also is containing crucial things/elements that stand to a certain extend of farsightedness. The phenomenal growth Hindutva politics – a quest for one nation, one identity, […]

Rise of Hindutva in North East: RSS, BJP score in Assam, Manipur but still untested in Arunachal

Editor’s note: In the first of a two-part series Firstpost analyses the rise of the BJP in North East India and the role its ideological parent RSS might have played in this new political trend visible in the region. Linked to the rest of India by the Chicken’s Neck, or the Siliguri Corridor in West […]