Manipur’s Roona Begum finally in Imphal

Kangpokpi, August 12 2017: Manipur’s Roona Begum, Seiminsang alias Mimin Kipgen, from the border village of India and Myanmar, Govajang finally reached Imphal on Monday, August 7 after travelling almost 113 kms looking for a ‘Miracle’ for his survival. The little boy, whose head has swelled to a circumference of 70 centimeters (27 inches) owing […]

Another Roona Begum discovered in Manipur

Kangpokpi, August 06 2017: People around the world will definitely recollect Roona Begum though she is no more having passed away recently at the age of 5. Roona Begum was the only daughter of a poor couple, Abdul Rahman and Fatima Begum of Jirania Khola village in Tripura, who was born with a potentially fatal […]