Manipur Public Service Commission?’s Questions – Citizen Grievance

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An open  letter which  tries to reveal the anomalies of the recently held “Manipur Civil Services Combined Competitive (Preliminary) Examination, 2010”.
The concern being a verbatim replication of twenty four (24) questions in the mentioned examination paper, from a web page/blog which is in public domain.

Manipur Public Service Commission

Dear President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil
Dear Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh
Dear Governor of Manipur, Mr Gurbachan Jagat
Dear Chief Minister of Manipur, Mr Okram Ibobi Singh
Dear Chairman, Union Public Service Commission, Prof. D.P. Agrawal
Dear Chairman, Manipur Public Service Commission, Dr. S. Singsit

We wanted to bring forth some area of concern regarding the “Manipur Civil Services Combined Competitive (Preliminary) Examination, 2010” examination held on 11th September 2011. The purpose of writing this mail is not to malign the reputation of the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) but to protect its sanctity and enable it to continuously strengthen itself as an apex Service Commission of Manipur.

The concern being a verbatim replication of twenty four (24) questions in the mentioned examination paper, from a web page/blog which is in public domain. After we checked the blog, we found out that it was published before the examination date. Only question no. 23 from both the blog is not present in the question paper.

The blogs which are a replica of each other are mention below:,  published in May 2011, published in December 2008.

All the below questions can only be answered by the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) and we as concerned citizens can only wait in anticipation of hope and justice.

1. Was it purely coincidental or intentional or an oversight?

2. Is the profession and the exam of very low standard to have compromised questions from just one sample quiz of 25 questions? We have heard of few questions coming, in an exam from questions bank of thousand questions may be, but never of this magnitude; 24 questions from a sample of 25 questions.

3. Is there any guarantee that the information regarding the site was kept secret, and no nepotism was practiced?

4. Are there any other similar resource, from where the question paper is replicated?

5. Can the MPSC convince the public that they are still fair and if so, does not this incident unmistakably reveal the casual approach and incompetence of the MPSC?

6. Was there any other agenda that we are not aware of?

This is shared purely on public interests to question the conscience of those who are driven by self motives.

Best regards,

Raju Athokpam
Alex Phairembam
Basanta Rajkumar
Bimol Akoijam
Bishwajit Khumukcham
Bishwarjit Khagembam
Bomcha Oinam
Brandon Kshetri
Chandisana Thongram Khuman
Chandrakant Aribam
Danny Maisnam
Deepak Luwang
Devakishor Soraisam
Dickmax Mayanglambam
Dinnie Sougaijam
Gautam Maharabam
Gulshan Chingangbam
Hanjabam Isworchandra Sharma
John Konthoujam
Jotin Nandeibam
Kangabam Roogeet
Kanglasha Manipurtalks
Kishalay Bhattacharjee
Korou Khundrakpam
Ksh. Upendra Singh
Lalit Kumar
Langpoklakpam Arora
M Jyoti Singh
Manoranjan Haobam
Monish Karam
Nanao S
Neera Ahanthem
Nelson Elangbam
Nikita Sharma
Ningshen Phasangmi
Padameshwar Nongthombam
Paonam Thoibi
Poonam Karam
Pravabati Chingangbam
Rajukumar Arbind Singh
Ravie Narengbam
Ringo Pebam
Robert Ningombam
Roger Ahongshangbam
Romendro Athokpam
Romeo Ningombam
Satyabhama Ph
Shanta Laishram
Shweta Singh Karam
Sonyboy Narengbam
Sumitra Thoidingjam
Supriya Shijagurumayum
Swanamayee Athokpam
T. Khuman
Thoi Naorem
Thokchom Donpriya
Tony Thokchom
Uttam Ch
Victoria Chabungbam

Date: 20th September 2011

The above Open Letter was sent to by Raju Athokpam