MSAD holds public meeting against demographic invasion by the state policies and state atrocities

Office of the Manipur Students’ Association Delhi New Delhi Press release Ref.No.:MSADPR20150711                                     

Office of the Manipur Students’ Association Delhi

New Delhi

Press release

Ref.No.:MSADPR20150711                                                                Date: 11/7/2015


A  Public meeting was held against the demographic invasion by the state policies and state atrocities on July 14, 2015 at Delhi University Garden. The meeting was organized by Manipur Students’ Association Delhi and took these resolutions.

1)      Issuance of passes/permits to outsiders/Non Manipuries –(Manipuries are those people/communities who have been recognized by the state government )

(a)    Passes would be with limited validity

2)      Not to allow permanent settlement to non -Manipuries in Manipur.

(a)    Multinational companies and state cannot buy / give (i) Individual and Community owned land.

3) Marking 1951 as the base year to differentiate between migrants/Non Manipuries from Manipuries,/People of Manipur .

4) Denying land holding rights to outsiders/ Non Manipuris,

5) Setting up of a full-fledged Labour Department to regulate entry of inter-State migrants and commencement of detection of migrants/outsiders.

(a) There should be a monitoring committee from civil society organizations from the state to check the functioning of the committee/department appointed by the government that SSC should be acknowledged by the Government.

6)In keeping with the historicity and contemporary needs of Manipur as a geo-political entity whose existence, as the first Schedule of the Indian Constitution acknowledges, precedes the adoption of the Constitution of India, all necessary constitutional and administrative steps must be taken to protect and preserve the Manipur State and her indigenous people.

(a)Indian constitution should be amended to implement the ILP/MSPC (Manipur State Permit System)

7) Either the Government of Manipur or the Union Government of India should not enact any legislation or administrative step that go against the spirit and letter of above basic demands.

The meeting strongly endorsed to adopt these approaches to be adopted by the people who are part of the ongoing movement for Manipur State Permit System/ Inner Line Permit System

  1. a) An open dialogue for all the communities of Manipur would be held in the ongoing movement.
  2. b) Political class and political consciousness program would be held for the mass awareness
  3. c) Inter- communities dialogue within the communities of Manipur would be held as part of the ongoing struggle for demanding ILP/MSP( Manipur State Permit)
  4. d) Any anti – non Manipuri / communal discourses would not be inserted in the process of mobilization.
  5. e) Demographic invasion is rooted in state policies. Demographic invasion is systematically done by the state policies and the target of the movement would be against the state and its policies not against non Manipuries/ migrants who have come for their livelihood.

Resolution on State repression

1)      Justice should be delivered to Sapam Robinhood and all the injured persons under state atrocities during the movement

2)      Government impose curfew should be lifted and normal life should be restored immediately

3)      The state should not curtail the democratic rights of the students to take part of the people’s movement.

4)      Students have every right to participate in the people’s movement.

5)      State should restore normal class from imposed curfew in the educational institutions.

6)      A proposed draft would be prepared to safeguard the indigenous people of Manipur and that will be sent to JCILPS.


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