Mass Protest Rally

Mass protest rally against the acts of religious persecution and denial of the last religious rite to Late Rita Haorei of Ukhrul district, Manipur carried out from Don Bosco School Ground, Chingmeirong on August 17, 2017. Large number of students and peoples took part in the mass rally which began from Don Bosco School Ground, […]

Janma-ashtami Festival

Hundreds of devotees young and old flocked to Hanuman Temple (Mahabali) at Palace Compound, Imphal to offer prayers as part of the Krishna Janma-ashtami festival, August 15, 2017. Security arrangements were taken up at the temple complexes. Vehicles were barred from entering all the temple complexes. Heavy rainfall did not deter devotees from visiting the […]

Search of old track made during WW2 near indo-burma border in ukhrul district lands in Pushing/Chingshou Village – Part 1

In search of the old track made during WW2 in Ukhrul District, came across a village named as Pushing/Chingshou Village. One of the villages where Japanese Troops lands their first steps in Manipur from Burma during WW2. About 125 km from Imphal, passing through rough and narrow road from Shingcha Village, with breath taking landscape, […]

Road to Nambisha Village, Ukhrul District

Collection of photos taken along the Kamjong to Nambisha on a a visit to Nambisha Village, Ukhrul District near Indo-Myanmar border about 145 Km from Imphal in distance, last route where Japanese soldiers retreats from Imphal battle after being defeat in one of the worst war ever fought in history, World War 2. This article […]

Shingcha Wuyawon

Botanical name – Caulokaempferia Secunda Family – Zingiberaceae(ginger family) Synonyms – Monolophus Secunda, Kaempferia Secunda Local name – Shingcha wuyawon “Shingcha Wuyawon is a new ground orchid, a pink flower which grows and covers a stretch of low hillocks of Mount Wuya kachui of Shingcha Village of Ukhrul District of Ukhrul. Wuyawon is named after […]

Flood at Kongba Nandeibam Leikai, Khongman Mangjil

Sudden rise of water level in Kongba  Nandeibam Leikai, Khongman Mangjil and its surrounding areas has led to man-made flood affecting hundreds of houses. Many of the local roadways (leikai gi leirak) have been totally submerged under the flood water. Many families affected by the flood are taking shelter at the nearby high ground safer […]

Flood at Heibong Makhong, Mayang Imphal

Around seven thousands houses including Schools and Masajid have been affected and even submerged under water due to the flood water broke out from Turel Achouba river at Heibong Makhong area of Mayang Imphal. The flood water also affects Leishangkhong and several parts of Lilong areas. Thousands of acre of paddy fields and fish farms […]

Floral Tributes paid on the ’16th The Great June Uprising’ , ‘Unity Day 2017’ observed at Kekrupat

Emotional moment of family members and relatives of the 18 martyrs on the 16th The Great June Uprising , Unity Day 2017 observed at Kekrupat, organised by Observation Committee, AMUCO and UCM. Photos by : Laishram Ranbir