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By: Karan Laishram The society indeed has changed a lot today from the days of… more »

By: Karan Laishram

The society indeed has changed a lot today from the days of the simple life when people worked hard during the day and sleep well at night to today’s ever busy competitive world.

We can see a lot of changes in our society in such a short span. It was only in the 80′s and 90′s when people of the state were introduced to modern technologies like televisions and telephones.

In the late 90′s computers were introduced in the state and it was only in the beginning of 2000′s that mobile telephony made its presence felt among the people of the state.

And today there may be no one among the youths in Manipur who have not touched by the internet. The latest trend today is the wave of social networking which has dominated the whole world.


There are many social networking sites in the world of internet today like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, Google+, ibibo, Orkut to name just a few.

Today, there may be none who does not know or heard about Facebook and other popular networking sites.

While it is good to have such social networking sites which provide us a platform to get in touch with our friends, meet new friends, chat with them, communicate and share ideas, it is also necessary to check whether these social networking sites are doing only the good to the youths in today.

One can clearly see how Facebook, one of the most biggest and popular networking sites, played an important role in organising and uniting people from different walks of life when Loitam Richard, a 19 years old Engineering student from Manipur was allegedly beaten to death by his hostel mates in Bangalore.

Within days of the incident, facebook users around the globe gathered and supported the cause for justice.

In a span of one week the number of supporters to the campaign cross over 1 lakh, thus recording the highest ever public voices raised against discrimination and crime on NE people.

No doubt, internet is a very successful and useful means of communication in today’s world. However, in our present society, many youths are using this useful service in different ways which may hamper their career and social life.


Many are addicted to these internet social networking sites spending their times leisurely without even thinking for their future while many are using these services to organise, gather and instil ideas, generate public opinions and share other useful information among the users.

What is worrisome is the addiction and misuse of these services just for amusement and leisure and creating communal disharmony among the different communities.

It has become a fact that many are a bit hesitant to open their Facebook wall in front of their family members thinking what type of pictures might flash on their screen since many users with fake profiles are uploading porn pictures.

On the other hand, parents lack of awareness of such advanced technology of internet and social networking services which give the youths a free hand in using internets and other related services.

Most of today’s parents are living like blind persons on the activities of their children on computer and mobile phones thereby creating a gap between the generation of the parents and the youths of today.

Taking into consideration of all these issues, it is high time for the youths of the state to think twice while using these useful services for a better and developed society and not for degrading morality and character not only of themselves but also of the society.

It has also become somewhat necessary for the elders to learn a bit about the advanced technologies which provide endless opportunities and information as well as an easy way down the drain.

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