Stern Action Against Those Threatening Loktak And Its Environment: Minister Shyamkumar

Imphal, Jan 4: Forests and Environment Minister Shri Thounaojam Shyamkumar said his department is keeping a strict vigil to safeguard the Loktak Lake, including the wildlife. He said the department will take stern action against those who are found hunting and trapping of the migratory birds. He also warned the fishermen to refrain from fishing […]

Loktak: Who’s Lake, Who’s Tourism?

By Kalpana Thaoroijam Every visitor to Manipur wishes to visit Loktak pat or reminisces a visit to Sendra hillock, a boat-ride in local-made canoes, few clicks and poses, foods and drinks, and leave behind unwanted dumps.Earlier people visited Loktak area during Lai-haraoba (festivals of Meitei sylvan gods) of the local Thangjing deities. People and their […]

State Govt frames water policy

Imphal, August 23 2017: With a view on the global climate change and scarcity of water in the State during dry season, the State Government has formulated a water policy which would focus on harvesting rain water and protection of catchment areas. Draft copies of the water policy formulated by the Directorate of Environment have […]

Loktak Project & corporate unaccountability in Manipur

Jiten Yumnam Of the most ambitious and controversial mega projects in Manipur, the 105 MW Loktak Multipurpose Hydroelectric Project (Loktak Project) hit news headlines in early August 2017, again for wrong reasons. Several media establishments published the non-existence of memorandum of understanding or agreement (MoU) on Loktak Project between the Government of Manipur and the […]

The Fate of Loktak Lake, India

Khwairakpam Gajananda 25 September 2001 India [Loktak Lake was designated for the List of Wetlands of International Importance in March 1990, and in June 1993 it was inscribed in the Montreux Record of sites whose ecological character has changed, is changing, or is about to change as a result of human interference. In this article, […]

World wetland day observed in the state

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Manipur,IMPHAL, February 2: As a part of the World Wetland day celebration 2013,  the day was also celebrated in the state today at Khordak Junior High School under the theme “Wet land and water management” along with the slogan of … Continue reading

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