Incessant rain in last 24 hrs : Rivers in spate, bridge swept away, paddy fields, houses flooded

Imp/Tbl/Kak, September 19 2017: Consequent upon incessant rainfall during the past 24 hours, water levels of all major rivers flowing through Manipur valley have risen considerably . The water level of Chakpi River is so high that it has started flooding Sugnu apart from sweeping away an approach road to Chakpikarong bridge even though the […]

In the quaint leikai : Village of Kwatha

Arambam Kapil Introduction : Students of political science must be familiar with the terms like ‘Nation-State’ and ‘City-State’. Both of these organised political bodies are interchangeably called a country or simply a nation, though there are subtle differences as in the former is a term that we use every day for a political body defined […]