In the quaint leikai : Village of Kwatha

Arambam Kapil Introduction : Students of political science must be familiar with the terms like ‘Nation-State’ and ‘City-State’. Both of these organised political bodies are interchangeably called a country or simply a nation, though there are subtle differences as in the former is a term that we use every day for a political body defined […]

The Framework Agreement – A ticking time bomb?

Samarjit Kambam It’s true. Manipur, the small daughter state of India has been decapitated bit by bit, just like an animal in a slaughterhouse. Firstly, the first Prime Minister of India Pt Jawaharlal Nehru gave away the naturally resourceful Kabaw Valley to Burma including the Ningthi Turel, a bountiful river in terms of precious elements […]

Now is the Time for Unity for Manipur`s Integrity

By Rajkumar Bobichand Due to the geopolitical situation of this part of the world which is presently known as Manipur, its land and people have always been threatened by various… Read more »