Body of Rita likely to be buried

Ukhrul, Aug 24: Contrary to the stands and decision of all Tangkhul Longnao (conglo-merate of Tangkhul civil organizations) and the village authority of Sharkaphung/Leingangching, a new directive from NSCN GPRN has reportedly allowed the family to bury the mortal remains of late Rita Haorei in her native village Leingangching (S Lohe). The Leingangching VA had […]

Absurd One Village, One Denomination decree : One Religion, One State acceptable ?

One Village, One Denomination decree. This is a dangerous precedent and if not checked on time and dealt with firmly and resolutely it can give rise to more unwanted developments. It goes against the Constitution of the country and it goes against Christianity. It also goes against humanity. This is a point which should not […]