On MPSC’s new syllabus for MCSCCE

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With regard to the circulated new pattern in the MCSCCE syllabus, conducted by the MPSC which have been doing its rounds in the social media, we would like to bring to your attention some of the views concerning the civil service aspirants of the state. Following are some points we would like to highlight to the MPSC on change in the syllabus.
1) The ‘no optional’ (or one optional only in sync with the present UPSC pattern) giving major emphasis on GS will be a welcome move and a long overdue reform. It will definitely bring in more fairness in competition. It is also to our knowledge that there is no scaling (normalisation) of marks obtained in optional subjects by the MPSC giving room for a lot of subjectivity. What has been all these years was “I did masters in public administration. You did masters in computers, now come fight me, I will beat you black and blue”. Instead, if we have a common ground, where there is no optional papers or the weightage of optionals is reduced it will be like “Now we have only common subjects alien to u as much as to me, lets fight a fair fight.”

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