Teach your children

One of the most intriguing questions that would have occurred to most parents in these troubled times is, what is the right thing to teach your children? To merely say send them to good schools and colleges where they will be taught the sciences and arts, is to be over simplistic and escapist. For schools […]

State should not endorse imposition of AFSPA for security reason

IMPHAL | Dec 10 : “Manipur government should not endorse imposition of AFSPA in the name of bringing peace and security rather they should have courage and urged central government for withdrawing of the draconian law”, said Phulindro Konsam, coordinator Apunba Lup. Phulindro Konsam, was speaking as one of the speaker during the observance of […]

Back to AFSPA

The state cabinet last Wednesday decided to extend the Disturbed Area Act, DAA, for another year. Accordingly, the Governor of the state, on the very next day, issued a notification that by the provision of Section 3 of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, AFSPA, the entire state, with the exception of seven Assembly constituencies […]

Impunity beyond AFSPA

Manipur is quite familiar with the word impunity. Thanks to all the draconian laws, in particular the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, AFSPA, in the name of counterinsurgency, the place also probably understands all the nuances of the meaning of the word better than most others. At its very raw, it essentially means, perpetrators being […]

Renu Takhellambam (EEVFAM) calls upon UN to be proactive against AFSPA and Fake encounter

UN to be proactive against AFSPA and Fake Encounter. Speech delivered by Renu Takhellambam (EEVFAM) at the 36th session Human Right Council, general debate agenda 10, September 2017. Mr. President We welcome the resolve of experts and digntaries that HRC should find ways to bring changes on ground; and not only make recommendations and resolutions. In […]

Biren should de-notify ‘Disturbed Area’ tag immediately and fulfil BJP’s poll promise to repeal AFSPA from Manipur

Dr Th Suresh Singh Do we Manipuris know that AFSPA is imposed in Manipur by our own state government? I doubt it very much. With our inability to read any topic minutely and thereby unable to interrupt any topic correctly, legally or otherwise, the same applies to our knowledge of AFSPA enforcement in the state. […]

Shiv Sena backs call to protect indigenous folks

Imphal, August 29 2017: Shiv Sena Manipur State Unit president M Tombi has said that Shiv Sena will collaborate with the CSOs to take up steps to protect the indigenous people of the State . He made the statement at the first one day political conference of the party organised at Sena Bhawan, Babupara, today […]

Students, agitation and symptomatic treatment

Close on the heels of the news report that Meitei Mayek text books for BA Manipuri course are not yet available even though academic session for the same course has already commenced, the State today celebrates Manipuri Language Day in commemoration of the day when Manipuri language was included in the 8th schedule of the […]

One day public meeting on 59th Year of AFSPA and State of Impunity Today held

Imphal, August 18 2017: Extra Judicial Execution Victim Families Association (EEVFAM), Human Rights Alert, Just Peace Foundation and United NGO Mission Manipur (UNMM), organised a one day public meeting on 59th Year of AFSPA and State of Impunity Today, at Manipur Press Club, today. A memorandum was also submitted to the Chief Minister to revoke […]

Hundreds pay tributes to Chittaranjan

Imphal, August 16 2017: The 13th death anniversary of Athouba Pebam Chittaranjan Mangang was held at THAU Ground, Thangmei-band today, under the aegis of Manipuri Students’ Federation (MSF). A large number people offered floral tributes to the memorial of Pebam Chittaranjan at Bishnupur and at Takhellambam Leikai, Tiddim road. A rally was, then, carried out […]

Assam, Manipur can now decide on AFSPA

Home Ministry to give up its power The Union Home Ministry is set to give up its power to impose the ‘disturbed areas’ tag on Assam and Manipur, both ruled by the BJP. The move effectively means it will be the States’ decision to either continue the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) or revoke […]

NEFIS Protests Against The Fake Encounters In Assam! Calls For Suspension Of Personnel Responsible With Immediate Effect! Demands Setting Up Of A Judicial Commission To Inquire Into Such Cases Of Fake Encounters!


New challenges ahead for Meira Paibis

IMPHAL | May 28: Manipur women Meira paibis have been at the forefront on so many social issues. They have been working relentlessly towards the realisation of social emancipation in so many ways, observed Prof Ksh Bimola on the 19th Meira Paibi day observation. Speaking as the chief guest of the function at Khurai Tharo […]

No surrender

The BJP-led coalition government in Manipur has extended the Disturbed Area Act for another six months paving the way for the extension of the promulgation of the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act, AFSPA. Nobody expected anything other than this. This has been the routine since the time the Act first came into existence in […]

Assam: Centre declares entire Assam as ‘disturbed’ area under AFSPA for three more months

The entire state of Assam has been declared as a disturbed area under the controversial AFSPA for three more months. The Centre has declared the entire Assam as a “disturbed” area under the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act — the AFSPA — for three more months, citing various violent activities by insurgent groups ULFA, NDFB […]

SC upholds order against use of excessive force by army in Manipur

New Delhi, Apr 27 :In a huge setback to the Centre, the Supreme Court has re-affirmed its July 2016 order that the army or the Manipur police had violated human rights by killing innocent people in the guise of encounter of militants. The Court in its order had held that the army cannot use excessive […]

Sorting through the paper trail of fake encounters in Manipur

Anoo Bhuyan What do 1,528 dead bodies look like? Three filing cabinets. In a dimly lit, dusty room in Manipur’s capital, thousands of files sit, marked or unmarked, as members of the Extra-Judicial Execution Victim Families Association (EEVFAM) sort them into various categories. These files pertain to the victims of alleged extra-judicial killings and fake […]