Article 3 woes

In the wake of the perceived threats that Manipur may end up dismembered, causing in its wake violent upheavals that the state can ill afford, there has been a demand to have a clause added to Article 3 which allows the Union government by an Act of the Parliament to form a “new State by […]

Limits of Freedom

What is happening in Manipur today once again has underscored why rule of law is important, and even if any section of the public is unhappy with any law, it does not help to resort to lawlessness. It is precisely this understanding which makes democracy work. There are democratic and legitimate ways of addressing these […]

End polygamy

In 2008, Manipur Compulsory Registration of Marriages Bill, was introduced in the February session of the Manipur Legislative Assembly and passed in the Winter session in October the same year. The Bill, it will be recalled came as part of a directive from the Centre to the states. This Act, it was then hoped would […]

Back to AFSPA

The state cabinet last Wednesday decided to extend the Disturbed Area Act, DAA, for another year. Accordingly, the Governor of the state, on the very next day, issued a notification that by the provision of Section 3 of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, AFSPA, the entire state, with the exception of seven Assembly constituencies […]

The world and the virus

The world was shocked when actor Rock Hudson declared to have AIDS on July 25, 1985. He was the first American celebrity to publicly admit it. He died few months later, on October 2. Since the day the first case of HIV in human was known from a man who died in Congo in the […]

Selling Manipur

There can be no dispute that the Sangai Festival this time is much more elaborate. It is for one spread over several venues, including at the Keibul Lamjao at Moirang in the Bishenpur district. Indications are, it will expand even farther from next year, when the newly introduced Cherry Blossom Festival of the Maos will […]

Salvaging artists’ lost space

With much pomp and gaiety the annual Sangai festival has begun. With the president of India inaugurating it, this edition of the festival has drawn more significance. The praises on the beauty and potentials of the state showered by the dignitaries were received with resounding applauses by the jam-packed audience. We are sure the heart […]

Impunity beyond AFSPA

Manipur is quite familiar with the word impunity. Thanks to all the draconian laws, in particular the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, AFSPA, in the name of counterinsurgency, the place also probably understands all the nuances of the meaning of the word better than most others. At its very raw, it essentially means, perpetrators being […]

True grit

If we were to pick a man of the year from Manipur today, bodybuilder Khundrakpam Pradipkumar, in the senior 60kg class 2007, would definitely be a strong contender. In all likelihood, he would win hands down too. Here is somebody who has shown rare courage not just in overcoming a painful stigma, but also in […]

Bad roads a boon

 Who profits from bad roads? One answer aside from the motor repair workshops would be obviously the contractors! The mechanics would be obviously happy as they would have ample business from the broken down vehicles, the contractors would earn an annual amount from blacktopping a particular stretch. So, when the rains wash away the tar […]

Fate of JNIMS: MCI may cancel Recognition

Fate of JNIMS, the one and only state government run Medical Science Institution in the state, is is at stake as the state government is unlikely to appoint eligible Director, qualified for looking after the affairs of premier Institution. Time and again, Imphal Times has put up the issue of the massive malpractices that has […]

Let Biren build the Noah’s Ark

Now , the State is in a predicament. Decades back, it was experienced that the rains need to continue for nearly a week to make the belly of the rivers rise and later announce that the waters are flowing at a danger level.At present, flash floods are wrecking havoc. The public residing near the river […]

Traffic getting worse

As everywhere else in the country, the increase in the number of vehicles on Imphal roads has been phenomenal in the past one or two decades. This increase has been in direct proportion to the growth of the Indian economy and with it the quantum leaps government salaries have taken in the last two decadal […]

Balance of terror

May 21 is observed in India officially as Anti-Terrorism Day. This was the day in 1991 that former Prime Minster of India, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by LTTE suicide bombers in Sriperumbudur near the city of Chennai (then still known as Madras). It was on the first anniversary of this audacious, macabre and devastating act […]

No surrender

The BJP-led coalition government in Manipur has extended the Disturbed Area Act for another six months paving the way for the extension of the promulgation of the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act, AFSPA. Nobody expected anything other than this. This has been the routine since the time the Act first came into existence in […]

Crime and Punishment

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” said Martin Luther King. The administration of criminal justice system is primarily composed of the police, courts and prisons. The case flows through this system and the functioning of one component has ripple effects on the rest and hence, also on the final result of delivery of […]