Manipuri Nagas feel left out in Hornbill Festival

KOHIMA: While the Hornbill Festival in Kisama village in Nagaland brings together culture and cuisine of various Naga clans throughout Nagaland, Naga tribes from neighbouring Manipur, which has a sizeable Naga population feel left out in the festival as the Nagas from neighbouring Manipur are never invited in the festival. For many of the Manipuri Nagas, […]

The Kuki Identity then and now

Tribes belonging to the Chin-Kuki-Mizo or otherwise Zomi have close socio-cultural affinity in terms of their culture, tradition, language, custom and traditional administrative system. They are one and the same people who were collectively called ‘Kuki’ in India and ‘Chin’ in Myanmar. The Kukis are one of the native ethnic communities in Manipur having its […]

Demand for Bengali script irks Tripura Kokborok body

AGARTALA: The demand for Bengali script for the tribal language of Tripura, Kokborok, in place of Roman, has erupted in a major controversy with those in favour of the latter calling it “politically motivated”. Delhi-based tribal settlers of Tripura under the banner of the Delhi Tripura Society (DTS) had submitted a MoU to Union minister […]