Manipuri Nagas feel left out in Hornbill Festival

KOHIMA: While the Hornbill Festival in Kisama village in Nagaland brings together culture and cuisine of various Naga clans throughout Nagaland, Naga tribes from neighbouring Manipur, which has a sizeable Naga population feel left out in the festival as the Nagas from neighbouring Manipur are never invited in the festival. For many of the Manipuri Nagas, […]

Inspired living

A society and its people need inspiration to grow and cultivate a sense of oneness. The ability to draw inspiration from another without any egotism and hesitation would draw everyone involved closer and help develop the society. However, in a society full of mistrust and where every other incident bemoans of allegations and counter allegations, […]

A Bus Trip to Saigon city, Vietnam

Land trip is not convenient passing Myanmar from Manipur. Once you reached Thailand, you are easily possible to travel to Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia then to Singapore and to neighboring countries. Let us explore another trip to Vietnam. Today, let us explore another trip to Vietnam by bus. It was early morning in Cambodia. I caught […]

Uncultured question on culture Art of committing a gaffe

Describe culture in 100 words. Nothing wrong in this, but when this question comes from the Governor of a State and is directed to an august gathering of cultural doyens, then there is something drastically wrong. And this exactly what happened when former Governor of Manipur V Shanmuganathan posed this very question to well known […]

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University of Culture, film and TV institute now grace State

IMPHAL, Aug 12: Manipur now has the infrastructure to preserve and promote its rich tradition, performing arts and culture, stated Governor V Shanmuganathan after inaugurating the much awaited Manipur University of Culture (MUC) this evening at the Maharaja Chandrakirti Auditorium, Palace Compound, Imphal. Prior to the inauguration of MUC, the Governor along with Chief Minister […]

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