LPG diversion punishable with Rs 50,000 fine

Imphal, October 17 2017: As per rules, not a single subsidised domestic LPG refilled can be diverted. If any subsidised LPG refill is found diverted, IOC may slap a fine of Rs 50,000 against the particular distributor in accordance with the market discipline guideline . Sources informed that there are 84 LPG distributors in the […]

Eleven LPG refills in 4 months ! Something is fishy

Something is fishy here. Very fishy, if one may add. If you have an Aadhaar card and link it with your consumer number at the local Gas agency, chances are you would have received only one or two LPG refills in the current financial year. On the other hand if you do not have Aadhaar […]

Maximum refills to Aadhar-less consumers

Imphal, October 13 2017: Out of the five LPG distributors located within Thoubal district, Yairipok Gas has issued maximum refills to consumers who do not enjoy subsidy as they are yet to submit their Aadhar numbers . The five LPG distributors located within Thoubal district are Athokpam Indane Service, Heirok Indane Gramin Vitrak, Manipur Thoubal […]

Need to study LPG diversion : Non-locals in subscribers list

There are just too many loose ends to be swept under the carpet with some excuses or ‘explanations.’ The non-local names that one finds in the list of Tousem Indane Gramin Vitrak, an LPG distributor based at Tousem, may be explained on the ground that these people stay at Tousem on a temporary basis and […]

LPG bottling goes on in full swing

Imphal, October 11 2017: With the State’s biggest festival Ningol Chakkouba approaching fast, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has been investing maximum efforts to ensure availability of LPG refills in sufficient numbers. Since October 3, LPG bottling operation has been going uninterrupted at the Sekmai bottling plant, not sparing even Sunday, informed a source . […]

IOC set to requisition more bulk TTs

Imphal, October 07 2017: In a significant step towards ensuring adequate numbers of LPG refills to consumers of the State, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has decided to increase the number of bulk LPG Tanker Trucks (TTs) engaged in ferrying LPG to the State . One major factor for the acute shortage of LPG refills […]

Refills to Aadhar-less consumers : KK tops the list

Imphal, October 06 2017: Of the 15 LPG distributors located in Imphal West district excluding those supplying refills to police and military forces, KK Gas has issued the maximum number of LPG refills of 14.2 Kg capacity to Aadhar-less consumers who do not enjoy subsidy . Canchi Indane Service is another distributor which has issued […]

Aadhar-less LPG consumers may be suspended

Imphal, October 04 2017: As Aadhar numbers must be linked mandatorily with the details of all LPG consumers as per a policy of the Government of India, consumers who have not yet submitted Aadhar cards may be kept under suspension . The total number of LPG consumers in the State as on September 30 was […]

Cracking down on LPG hoarders : Now go for the big fishes

It is obvious. The drive launched by the State police against LPG hoarders and seizing 686 LPG cylinders in the last two days perfectly complements the campaign launched by The Sangai Express under the caption, “WANTED: Cooking Gas, Not Laughing Gas”. This is what gives us a certain sense of satisfaction, after all as a […]

Govt to identify point of LPG diversion

Imphal, October 01 2017: The State Government is determined to identify the sources or distributors from which LPG refills are diverted to black markets . DGP LM Khaute informed The Sangai Express that police officers have been instructed to identify the sources of LPG refills seized from black markets . Significantly 686 LPG cylinders were […]

Police seize 686 hoarded filled, empty cylinders

Imphal, September 30 2017: Complementing the campaign launched by The Sangai Express under the slogan, ‘WANTED : Cooking Gas, Not Laughing Gas,’ the State police seized 686 LPG cylinders from different parts of the State in its effort to check black marketing in the face of the shortage of cooking gas in the State, since […]

Landslide suspends LPG transportation

Imphal, September 28 2017: Following landslide at Chumukedima in Nagaland, transportation of bulk LPG and packed cylinders to Imphal along Imphal-Dimapur highway has been suspended since yesterday. On the other hand, there is LPG stock for just one day at the Sekmai bottling plant as there was no bulk LPG transportation on Monday too . […]

DGP, CRPF strike down 5 days a week TT movement proposal of IOC

Imphal, September 25 2017: Whereas IOC has been demanding security escort service for movement of convoys of tanker trucks five days in a week, the State DGP and the CRPF have stated that IOC does not have adequate number of tanker trucks and trucks at its disposal. Notably, tanker trucks and trucks have been moving […]

Bulk transporters have their hands in LPG scarcity

Imphal, September 20 2017: LPG bulk transporters too have their hands in the LPG scarcity presently endured by the people of the State . According to some people who have been taking key roles in the supply and distribution of LPG in the State, most of the transporters who have been shipping LPG in bulk […]

Hill based LPG distributors diverting loads to Imphal !

Imphal, September 19 2017: Some LPG distributors based in the hill districts offered truck loads of LPG refills to some of their valley counterparts for diversion to black markets . Some LPG distributors told The Sangai Express that their hill based counterparts are one major contributor for sale of LPG refills in black markets when […]

To tackle acute shortage of cooking gas Government arranges extra convoys

Imphal, September 11 2017: In order to effectively address the problem of LPG scarcity before Ningol Chakkouba festival, the State Government has been working to send extra convoys of LPG carriers, informed CAF&PD Minister Karam Shyam. Talking to this reporter at his office today, Karam Shyam said that the DGP has been instructed to arrange […]

LPG cylinders sold like potatoes : Black and white of LPG market

Filled LPG cylinders sold like potatoes in the black market. This was CAF and PD Minister Karam Shyam while addressing a joint meeting of CAF and PD officials, police, IOC, journalists at the conference hall of the Old Secretariat on August 30 and explicit in his remark is the point that while filled LPG cylinders […]

Filled LPG cylinders sold like potatoes : Shyam

Imphal, August 30 2017: CAF&PD Minister Karam Shyam has remarked that LPG refills are being sold like potatoes in the black market . The Minister made this remark at a joint meeting of CAF&PD, police, IOC, journalists and LPG distributors held today at the conference hall of Old Secretariat . The meeting was held with […]