LPG transporters’ strike still on

Imphal, October 30 2017: Even as the cease work strike launched by the All Manipur Bulk LPG Transporters’ Association (AMBTA) has completed four days today, no solution is in sight as of now . AMBTA has been demanding revocation of the notification issued by IOC on October 6 to induct 42 additional bulk LPG TTs […]

Bottling operation ceases at Sekmai

Imphal, October 26 2017: As there is no bulk LPG in stock due to suspension of LPG transportation during the past couple of days, bottling operation at Sekmai bottling plant has ceased from today, informed a source . Altogether 35 loaded bulk LPG TTs currently stranded at Khatkhati, Assam are supposed to reach Imphal this […]

LPG transporters suspend stir, to start shipment

Imphal, October 23 2017: LPG bulk transporters, who have been on a cease work strike since Friday, have decided to suspend their protest and begin bringing in LPG supply to the State from tomorrow . Their protest came as a blow to the slowly improving condition of LPG availability in the State. It may be […]

LPG diversion punishable with Rs 50,000 fine

Imphal, October 17 2017: As per rules, not a single subsidised domestic LPG refilled can be diverted. If any subsidised LPG refill is found diverted, IOC may slap a fine of Rs 50,000 against the particular distributor in accordance with the market discipline guideline . Sources informed that there are 84 LPG distributors in the […]

LPG bottling goes on in full swing

Imphal, October 11 2017: With the State’s biggest festival Ningol Chakkouba approaching fast, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has been investing maximum efforts to ensure availability of LPG refills in sufficient numbers. Since October 3, LPG bottling operation has been going uninterrupted at the Sekmai bottling plant, not sparing even Sunday, informed a source . […]

IOC set to requisition more bulk TTs

Imphal, October 07 2017: In a significant step towards ensuring adequate numbers of LPG refills to consumers of the State, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has decided to increase the number of bulk LPG Tanker Trucks (TTs) engaged in ferrying LPG to the State . One major factor for the acute shortage of LPG refills […]

Govt to identify point of LPG diversion

Imphal, October 01 2017: The State Government is determined to identify the sources or distributors from which LPG refills are diverted to black markets . DGP LM Khaute informed The Sangai Express that police officers have been instructed to identify the sources of LPG refills seized from black markets . Significantly 686 LPG cylinders were […]

82 LPG trucks to reach Imphal today

Imphal, September 30 2017: With Imphal-Dimapur highway re-opened to all kinds of vehicles after landslide-affected section at Chumukedima, Nagaland has been repaired, 80 bulk LPG TTs and two LPG packed trucks would reach Imphal tomorrow . Imphal-Dimapur highway which was closed to heavy vehicles since the last couple of days after landslide at Chumukedima, has […]

Landslide suspends LPG transportation

Imphal, September 28 2017: Following landslide at Chumukedima in Nagaland, transportation of bulk LPG and packed cylinders to Imphal along Imphal-Dimapur highway has been suspended since yesterday. On the other hand, there is LPG stock for just one day at the Sekmai bottling plant as there was no bulk LPG transportation on Monday too . […]

With Govt co-operation, IOC looks to address LPG shortage by Oct 15 IOC takes up special measures for State

Imphal, September 23 2017: Taking serious note of the acute shortage of LPG in Manipur, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has taken up certain special measures for the State to address the crisis . One main factor for the acute shortage of LPG encountered in Manipur is insufficient LPG production, said an IOC source . […]

Bulk transporters have their hands in LPG scarcity

Imphal, September 20 2017: LPG bulk transporters too have their hands in the LPG scarcity presently endured by the people of the State . According to some people who have been taking key roles in the supply and distribution of LPG in the State, most of the transporters who have been shipping LPG in bulk […]

Hill based LPG distributors diverting loads to Imphal !

Imphal, September 19 2017: Some LPG distributors based in the hill districts offered truck loads of LPG refills to some of their valley counterparts for diversion to black markets . Some LPG distributors told The Sangai Express that their hill based counterparts are one major contributor for sale of LPG refills in black markets when […]

Decline in LPG shipment leads to LPG shortage

Imphal, August 31 2017: Drastic decline in the volume and frequency of LPG transportation to the State led to acute shortage of LPG as the Sekmai bottling plant could no longer issue sufficient number of LPG to distributors. Apart from checking LPG sale at black markets, all the bullet tankers of IOC must be mobilised […]

Sekmai bottling plant fails to deliver LPG for 11 months

IMPHAL, Jun 10 : In an embarrassing revelation, Sekmai bottling plant under Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) apparently failed to supply required LPG in the State for a period of 11 months starting from June last year. However, the bottling plant managed to supply required LPG for the month of April, May and July of last year […]

Sekmai plant sees win-win situation

In wake of resolution of the Naga People’s Organization (NPO) to make separate arrangement for Senapati district to lift LPG gas from Dimapur, senior plant manager of Sekmai Bottling Plant Zephania Panmei, said that the options would be a win-win situation for all. Speaking to Imphal Free Press over the phone, Panmei revealed that Jiribam […]