Yaoshang Mei Thaba

On the full-moon day of Lamta, the last month of the Manipuri Lunar calendar, Men and women are assembled at the evening for a ritual – burning a thatched hut made of hay and bamboo – what the Manipuris also called ‘Yaoshang Mei Thaba’, which marks the beginning of the Festival of Colours – Yaoshang […]

IG AR (South) greets on Yaoshang (Holi)

Major General Virendra Singh, VSM, IG AR (South) and All Ranks of Assam Rifles extend warm greetings and sincere goodwill to the people of Manipur on the auspicious occasion of ‘Yaoshang (Holi)’. IGAR (South) prays that the festival heralds an era of peace, progress and prosperity in the region. The Assam Rifles fraternity also wish […]

Why Manipur’s Holi is the best in India

‘For us, North Indians, who are habitual late comers and lackadaisical in our temple attire; who go to temples in jeans and shorts; who keep our temples dirty, where rotting flowers are strewn in the pathway — Manipur teaches us grace and discipline,’ says Tarun Vijay. Manipur is not just a subject of politics, terrorism […]

Yaoshang – My experience in the most exciting festival in Manipur valley

“Peisha pidrakagadi thouri Lanba yaroi” (if you don’t give money you cannot cross this line). “Peisha loikhragadi potchei thammu” (if you have exhausted cash, leave with us something in kind), “Gari thugaibioro” (shall we break you car?).