TR Zeliang bats for inclusiveness in final pact

Dimapur, August 21 2017: Nagaland Chief Minister TR Zeliang has expressed hope that the Government of India would work out a formula for “inclusiveness” and that all “stakeholders” would be taken into account before signing of the final Framework Agreement, according to the Nagaland Chief Minister’s Office. TR Zeliang said this during his meeting with […]

No alternative to co-existence

Yambem Laba (Courtesy: The Statesman) If Manipur chief minister N Biren Singh is on a mission to appease the Nagas, he seems to be making some progress in easing the otherwise strained relations between the Naga communities of Manipur and Nagaland and the Manipur Government. Some years ago, the apex body of the Nagas in […]

Ghost of 2010 continues to haunt

Severing political ties with State Govt Ghost of 2010 continues to haunt The ghost of 2010 is yet to be exorcised and as the United Naga Council has stated, the decision to sever all political ties with the Government of Manipur still stands. The genesis of this decision can be traced to the decision of the […]

The Naga question

Around 1947 when the British were leaving India and Angami Zapu Phizo was contemplating on questioning the concept of Indian nationhood and raise the banner of an independent Naga nation, he approached Major R Khathing, popularly known as Major Bob Khathing, and broached the subject. Khathing asked Phizo if he was contemplating a concept encompassing […]

Whose Manipur Is It, Anyway? – Veio Pou

The current unrest in Manipur has a deeper structural problem that remains unanswered. Though “bandhs” and “economic blockades” are not new to the state, the present one is more of an implosion of the underlying problem; it’s an expression of the people’s anger at the government’s apathy to the political situation in the state. At […]

Th Muivah: Old traditions must give room to new ones

The sun rises and sets; a generation comes and goes and a kingdom rises and falls, but the word of God stays. Nothing stays; everything is transitional to the final goal. Th Muivah, the leader of the Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim, said this in his new year’s message: “every day, every month […]