Manipur to implement food security bill from August 20

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Imphal Jul 29 UNA : The Manipur People’s Party (MPP) Monday demanded a procurement policy to buy paddy crops from the farmer of Manipur by the state and Union Government and also fixed the rate of it before the implementation of Food Security Scheme.
The party said that farmers work very hard while growing paddy crop. But due to usage of fertilizers in large quantity in the last few years, soil of paddy fields is captivated by it. But now farmers are not able to produce the expected amount due to scarcity of fertilizers.
In this situation how would the government distribute food grain at the rate of Rs 1, 2 and 3, the party asked demanding that the state government should give a clear cut report to the people of Manipur, the party demanded.
If the government failed to give a clear cut report and do not procure the paddy from the local farmers, it has to be replaced by the food grains from other states. This would deteriorate the dignity of labor of the farmers of the state.
At last the field would be owned by rich people and the other businessmen. The people of Manipur would suffer a lot when the scheme ends.
The party further alleged that the Food Security Scheme which is going to be implemented only in the states where Congress government was a bias scheme.
Meanwhile, Manipur government was reportedly planning to launch the scheme in Manipur from August 20 next, the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi.
The scheme would be implemented in three selected districts of the state as first phase, an official source said.